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I have Spanish in me

Soca Star Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez refers to himself as the Black Spaniard

Being in Trinidad for the last week has reminded me of how funny I found the Trinidadian definition of race. A man could be as black as charcoal but because of the fact that his hair is curly he is quick to point out that – “I have spanish in me.” Continue reading


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Mount Barrack Obama?


The misspelling on the plaque sums up my opinion on the renaming on Boggy Peak in Antigua to Mount Obama.

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Keep our Beaches Public!


All beaches on Antigua and Barbuda are free according to our local laws. The trend though points to private developers blocking access and harrassing would be beach goers. Many Hotels make it uncomfortable for non-guests to use the beach in one of these ways:-

1. Using Security to intimidate beach goers

2. Erecting fences around the property where residents traditionally had access to the beach

3. Denying beach visitors access at the gate

4. Making access to the beach so difficult that potential users simply do not bother to try.

5. Publishing subtle signs such as private beach or private access.

This situation is getting worse in Antigua and Barbuda becasue of the difficult balance between the wants of the investors and the rights of our local people. It must not be allowed to continue or else we would have given up a right which seldom occurs anywhere else in this world. We need to stand up whenever we are denied access to or are chased away from beaches. We should visit the beaches no matter how inaccessible they are in order to claim our right.

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Pregnant women should be respected and treated decently


Pregnant women deserve all the care and attention necessary for them to successfully deliver a new life into the world. However the way women are treated in Antigua leaves much to be desired.

Private Gynecologists sometimes deal with patients like if they are handing cattle. They  are often unprofessional and do not observe common standards such as having a nurse present during examinations. Women must be aware that this should be done both to protect the woman patient as well as the doctor (especially if he is a male). Do not allow a Doctor to examine you unless the nurse is present. You should also walk with a family member or partner to the examination. They do not entertain questions and educate their patients well enough on what they are going through in the pregnancy. Instead they are preoccupied in collecting their doctor’s fees.

We must admit that Hoberton Hospital was more like Hellberton Hospital. Patients were treated in an inhumane manner mainly because of the lack of proper facilities. Pregnant women were not spared from these horrible conditions. Nurses did not respond immediately to the needs of these women. Young mothers who had just completed delivery by surgery were not allowed to have relatives assist them with the new born babies. This would not be so bad if the nurses were not watching the young and the restless as the mother called for assistance.

The bath and toilet facilities were delapedated and unsanitary. Beds were uncomfortable and privacy did not exist.

The new Mount St. John Medical Centre is a new facilty and much of the above infrastrucute issues have been resolved. Hopefully the human side has also been improved.

We need to improve our pre and anit natal care in Antigua. Our pregnant women are going thorugh a very important time in their lives and need all of our support in this important time.

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The authorities in Antigua and Barbuda have failed to handle the H1N1 pandemic in a serious way. As a result nobody really knows the true extent of cases here in Antigua.

Recently a team returned from Trinidad and Tobago and it was discovered that the nephew of one of the athletes became infected with the virus. The Ministry of Education refused to name the school or immediately shut down the school. As a result of this lack of information, other children who may have come into contact with the child may not be aware that they may have contracted the virus. Their parents could well have caught this virus from their children and then passed it on to other persons in society.

The authorities at the V.C. Bird International were never dealt with this situation proactively. Instead they waited until after a case was reported in Antigua to implement procedures which on paper were already in effect.

It seems as though the Authorities are gambling on the fact that the fatality rate is significantly lower than first anticipated. They must however remember that nobody knows what this virus can evolve into. We need to take more precautions and continue to educate the population on the spread of this virus.

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Civilian Policemen?

mn-transito copyThere is a shocking development in Antigua at this time. In an attempt to enforce traffic rules, the Government through the Transport Board have allowed traffic wardens to ticket violators. Fundamentally there is nothing Continue reading

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About Human Resource Management and Human Resource Managers


Human Resource Management is a necessary function of every organization whether it has a formal structure or not. It is about utilizing the work force in the best possible way to achieve the goals of the organization. This is done through recruiting the right people, training them and rewarding them for making the organization successful.

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Postal Codes, Street naming and House numbering


Antigua is ready for Postal Codes, Street naming and numbering of houses.

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Go Ferrari Go!!


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Stealing still continues part 2

I refer to an article in the Antigua Sun where a supervisor at Verandah Resort was caught and eventually convicted of theft of hotel property.

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