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Tourism Sector get it right

I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up

Everyday I hear on the media that we are in a Tourism crisis because of the global financial crisis. “We are not getting the numbers”, Mr. Neil Forrester said. Continue reading


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The Louse

A louse is a small insect which lives as a parasite on animals or plants. Lice also come in human form. There are different type of human lice catergorized as follows:-

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The Bank girl

tellerYou’re standing in line waiting to do a transaction at your Bank. You notice the construction workers, the well dressed men and women, the grandmothers and the children all queued up waiting to change their checks or to deposit their hard earned money. Then you are alerted that it is your turn to be served. You approach the tellers wicket and are likely to see a well made up beautiful young woman. She is polite, friendly and genuinely helpful. You are able to complete your transaction in a reasonable time. You leave the Bank, happily thinking about the good service you just received.




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Trinidad’s Carnival is Mas


The greatest show on earth is once again upon us. Trinidad’s carnival is the 23rd and 24th of February 2009. Mas is all about beautiful costumes, beautiful women girating in the streeets to sweet soca music. Mas is also the time when a bank girl will party with a maxi taxi driver. Mas bands in Port of Spain are often 10,000 strong. The emphasis recently is less on portrayal and more of having fun. The traditional mas has been replaced now my near naked mas. Everyone who has played mas always tell me that it is a great experience. However, I thinks I will continue to take their word for it.

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Awful Actors

There are many terrible actors who have starred in awful films. How do we honour these great men and women? I propose the Hollywood Jail for Actors. The following is a list of prospective inmates.

Chuck Norris

You need a ‘Walker’ Texas Ranger

Craig T Nelson


Coach is enough of an explanation.

Steven Segal

Has this guy ever even got his suit dirty?

Matthew McConaughey

Stewie Griifin approaches this subject best


Why bother trying?

Bookeem Woodbine

Single handedly represents all the negative aspects of African Americans

Hugh Grant

He does not represent England

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson OK! Magazine Lawsuit

As dumb as she acts

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We have so much to be proud of our small island. I know the Barbudans are probably wondering why i didn’t include them but I am dealing with only Antigua at this time. Antigua has beautiful beaches, coves and bays. The landscape is balanced between mountains in the south and relaively flat land in the North. All points are easily accessible on the island because of its size and lack of mountain ranges dominating the landscape.

The people are friendly and hospitable. We genuinely care about each other in this country. We have raised funds for person in need of medical atttention in a matter of hours.

Our economy may not be as strong as it used to be but we are still doing better than most of our caribbean neighbours. Anyone who says they don’t have a job really doesn’t want to work. Look at so many foreigners who come here and start at enry level positions, work hard and achieve their goals.

So before we get to pesimistic about our Island lets look at the positve aspects of our beautiful country.

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Gadgets and Toys for the Young Professional

You are a young professional and you need that image to reflect your status. You will have to dress, live, drive and talk your way to the perfect executive look. Here are the toys that will help you to achieve this:-


Drive your way to it

SUV’s are still in. Don’t bother with CNN and all of the tree hugging, whale saving, green people of the world. There is no better feeling than beiong in command of the road at 3ft above all other lowly people movers, saloons and station wagons.

Some recommended choices would be the Land Rover Range Rover. Try to get one with a supercharger and 400 bHP. That will set you back $105,000.

Other recommended choices would be the BMW X5 and Merc’s ML. The Cadillac Escalade is irrelevant unless you are a Hip Hop executive or a Chop Shop owner.

Talk is not cheap

You are not a teenager so a Smart Phone is now standard issue. They are a must for internet, email and voice communication. Remember after all you are on the go. The Blackberry is still the benchmark for serious professionals unless you need to download iTunes on your iPhone while Bob gets the account which you should have had if you were more focused.


The conservative look always works but be practical. What ever you wear must fit n to the local culture and practices. It makes no sense to walk around in a business suit in a Tropical climate. Shoes must always look like they just came out of the box. A person shoes says a lot about them. make sure that they are cleaned and polished at all times.

Live it

Your home is your castle. Spend most of your resources here. Your entertainment areas need to be adequate to host those important friends and clients. Keep colour schemes tasteful-its not a home makeover show on BBC America. Swimming Pools are always a bonus.

Follow all of the above tips but be flexible. You must be able to adapt to your local circumtances. If a 4Runner is considered a Range Rover where you are then run with it. Bottom line your image must reflect that you are a young professional.

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Big Island/Small Island

h23709windiessparke2The West Indies has always been divided between the big Islands and small island, even though geographically this may not be so. Barbados is 166 square miles and Dominica is 355 square miles but Dominca is considered the small Island. Barbados’s high population density and its rich colonial history affords it Big Island status. Guyana is a Country on the South American continent referred to as a Big Island.

Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana are considered the big Island because of their large populations compared to the smaller islands and in the case of Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana their natural resources. They have developed sooner than the smaller Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

In recent decades though the OECS countries have developed more stable econmies and currencies than the bigger territories. This has been done by working together as a group. However, we in the eastern Caribbean are still afflicted by the Barbados syndrome. All the International Banks in our territories have their regional Headquarters in Barbaods. This also goes for the US and other Embassies and consulates.

It is time for the OECS leaders to stop being put into the little Island catergory and step up and be recognized. This will greatly ease the day to day lives of the Citizens who reside in the small islands.

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Customer Service

81874979BP011_NORTHWESTCustomer service is very poor in this Country. Store clerks treat you disrespectfully, when you call to make a complaint about your internet service you are treated like if you are disturbing the agent and the banks make no effort to reduce the size of the long lines.

All companies in Antigua need to relaize that we the consumer are who pay their bills. We the consumer need to understand that we have choices with how we spend out money. We need to use our power to demand better. Don’t be afraid to complain by talking to the management and writing letters to the offending company.

Only when they realize how important we are to their survival will they change their approach to their customers.

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Yukky Nails

long20nailsWomen need to focus more on their interior qualities than their exterior qualities. Doing the nails every Friday isn’t going to make up for being a nag. Infact most guys would train those nasty acrylic claws for a pleasant woman.

For some women no amount of acrylic can disguise the ugliness of their toes. They should keep them in closed shoes at all times.

Then there is the unhygenic sharing of manicure/pedicure equipment in salons. Women have been known to get nail fungi this way.

So ladies get your own nail clip and do your own manicure and pedicure the time and money that you save doing this can be used towards personality improvement.

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