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Searches on Hotel Staff

security-guard1Hotel line staff have to “consent” to searches of their bags and trunks on leaving the compound. This is an illegal and discriminatory practice by Hoteliers here, most of which originate from countries where this is an unaccepted practice.

It must cease immediately because it is not stopping the stealing which occurs on these properties. What is the difference between an Ordering Manager over ordering and having stock relocated to his residence and a worker putting some pastry in their bag? It is all stealing but the Purchasing Manager isn’t scrutinzed. The line worker though is, although 200 pastries a day stolen by an unlikely 200 workers does not compare to possibly cases of food which never reaches the hotel.

Hoteliers, Government and Unions get real. We all know what is going on here. Stop infringing on the workers rights. Compensate them properly and make their working conditions better. Come up with more proactive ways to stop stealing instead of going after crumbs.

See: https://kagedbird.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/guests-steal-too/


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  1. searching of employees bag might be a discriminating and illegal act but the hoteliers are only doing things in their favor to protect the hotels reputation and the profits. what do u think the hoteliers are? they are business men, and in a business they are guidelines and policies that are put in place to secure the business. like it or not these measures are being continuously used in more and more hotels today. yes they need to sit down and come up with another plan to deal with the situation. this whole searching of employees bags started because guest would complain of things missing from their rooms and the hotel would have to take full responsibility of whatsoever it was that was misplaced or stolen, look u and i both know that running a business is not an easy task. u have to have stock policy in place, don’t mind the man who is relocating the stocks his day will come cause as the saying goes every dog has its day. until something else can be done this is what its going to be. “THE INNOCENT SUFFERING FOR THE GUILTY”.

    Comment by Ninette | January 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. so instead of murmuring about the problem give some suggestions on ways to improve the system.

    Comment by Ninette | January 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. This is a very passionate reply. You have conceded though that the searches are illegal and discriminatory. I will explore this point since we have common ground here. If all persons including staff, management and guests were searched this would not be discriminatory. One group of persons however are checked and this is the line staff. This is not fair because management and guests also have access to rooms. Are you arguing that guests do not steal towels and other articles from rooms? In fact a UK survey shows that millions of dollars are lost from guests who steal items from hotels. Are you also reasoning that management is immune from stealing. Well, there was a well publicised case in the paper recently of a fmr assistant manager fired for “relocating” a flat screen TV. It is not right to discriminate against one group of workers for any reason. A line man drives his car with an empty trunk out of the property and because he is a line man he is checked but a stores manager drives out with frozen foods and he is never searched. Can this be right? I do not accept the notion that everyone has his day. Stop discriminating against one class of worker. After all the stealling still continues so this method is not working. The laws of Antigua and Barbuda prohibit anyoe except special constables and police officers from conducting searches on persons. Infact they have to have just cause to search you. They don’t just search you without suspecting that you stole X item. When a security asks to see what’s in your bag is he searching for X item? No he is not. It is being done to look for items in general. If a worker refuses to be searched the only thing that the security can do is to call the police who in turn can’t search the person unless they know what they are looking for.

    Comment by kagedbird | January 17, 2009 | Reply

  4. The business person has the right to protect his property, but we need to be very careful to what extent this is done. First its going to be looking in someone’s bag or car trunk next it may be strip searches. Would you really feel comfortable working in an environment where you are being called a thief every time you leave work? Would you subject yourself to this degrading practice if you had a choice? The fact is a lot of workers and management know that this demeaning, inhumane, discriminatory and illegal practice is wrong. The only reason most people don’t argue is that they don’t know the law and standing up might mean losing their job. The means does not justify the outcome.

    Management needs to be proactive. Many workers in the hotel sector feel cheated. They think that they are not being rewarded through compensation and working conditions. Management needs to distribute service charges correctly, pay workers a decent flat salary and improve working conditions. Workers must feel that they are a part of the organization.

    Technology such as CCTV should be utilised. Sterile areas should be set up where workers can store their property in lockers and change their clothes if necesary. Inventory lists should be taken before and after shifts. If patterns are picked up whereby things go missing on particular shufts then operations can be set up to go after the possible thieves. Employees must be able to report theft annonymously. If a supervisor takes a turkey home for his family without permission that is stealing. Certain items need to be bar coded where necesary. A security presence needs to be maintained at all times. Security officers need not only be at the gate to look into peoples bags.

    After all developed countries like the UK do not allow searches of hotel staff’s bags and they still are able to operate profitable hotels. They maintain proactive measures to reduce stealing. Infact the UK courts found a Hotel guilty of searching an employee’s bag. We are subject to UK rulings as the privy council is our highest court of appeal.

    We both agree that the practice of searching someones property on leaving a hotel is worng. We differ in that you think the result justifies the means and i think that the end result is not justified. In fact it is a practice which runs conrary to our local laws and cannot be practiced in the home countries of most of these expat hoteliers.

    Comment by kagedbird | January 17, 2009 | Reply

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