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Unqualified Locals?

So many times we see job oppurtunities in the paper for skilled professionals-“Project Manager needed should have at least five years experience in Project Management.”

How many locals who respond to these ads are short listed? What percentage of native Antiguans are actually hired?

Well, these companies actually have their person for the job at the same time that the job is being advertised. These ads are merely a formality to satisfy the Labour department.

The companies claim that they need certain skills which are not available locally. So are we not qualified enough to be Hotel Managers, Accountants and Executives? Didn’t V.C. Bird fight against the colonial system so that we could have control over our own destiny.

It is so amazing how things have reversed. Foreign Nationals come here and get the higher paying jobs. They are often paid at first world standards. They are brought here to train locals for a defined period, but often end up training indefinitely.

The old generation may be passive to these developments but it is up to us as young persons to dictate our destiny. After all we graduated from the same Universities as many of these “Expat Trainers”.


January 9, 2009 - Posted by | Social

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