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Air Traffic Controllers should be paid in line with Pilots

controltower01hcbaa_530x7952According to the International Labour Organization(ILO), of which Antigua and Barbuda is a signatory, Air Traffic Controllers, Ships’ Deck officers and Pilots and Aircraft pilots should be considered associated professions. The International Federation of Air Traffic Control Officers Association(IFATCA), states that Air Traffic Controllers should be paid in line with the above mentioned associated professions.

Countries such as the UK, USA and Canada have already implemented these recommendations. Canadian controllers are paid inline with pilots of similar years of experience. US controllers are paid about 80% of what US pilots with similar years of experience are paid. UK controllers are paid at the same rate that UK pilots make for controllers and pilots with 19 years or less of experience. However for controllers with 20 years or more of experience they are paid at 65% of what UK pilots with 20 years or more experience make. This may be because it is not normal for UK controllers to remain in active service beyond 20 years. Early retirement, which is offered in their contracts, is often opted for because of the stressful nature of their profession.


January 16, 2009 - Posted by | Travel


  1. Yes all that is great info but do they deserve it?

    Comment by shawubble | January 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Controllers deserve this pay because like their associated professionals their job function has a lot of potential risks.
      If an accident or incident occurs they have to be investigated. If there is loss of life they can be prosecuted and even imprisoned. Your remuneration should be commensurate with your risks.

      Comment by kagedbird | January 16, 2009 | Reply

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