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Big Island/Small Island

h23709windiessparke2The West Indies has always been divided between the big Islands and small island, even though geographically this may not be so. Barbados is 166 square miles and Dominica is 355 square miles but Dominca is considered the small Island. Barbados’s high population density and its rich colonial history affords it Big Island status. Guyana is a Country on the South American continent referred to as a Big Island.

Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana are considered the big Island because of their large populations compared to the smaller islands and in the case of Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana their natural resources. They have developed sooner than the smaller Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

In recent decades though the OECS countries have developed more stable econmies and currencies than the bigger territories. This has been done by working together as a group. However, we in the eastern Caribbean are still afflicted by the Barbados syndrome. All the International Banks in our territories have their regional Headquarters in Barbaods. This also goes for the US and other Embassies and consulates.

It is time for the OECS leaders to stop being put into the little Island catergory and step up and be recognized. This will greatly ease the day to day lives of the Citizens who reside in the small islands.


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  1. in that situation i don’t think size really determines the sole development of a country or island. its how good and fast a country can make use of all potential resources with a steady turnover.

    Comment by Niki | January 25, 2009 | Reply

    • Small countries such as Singapore which are developed nations prove this.

      Comment by kagedbird | January 25, 2009 | Reply

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