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We have so much to be proud of our small island. I know the Barbudans are probably wondering why i didn’t include them but I am dealing with only Antigua at this time. Antigua has beautiful beaches, coves and bays. The landscape is balanced between mountains in the south and relaively flat land in the North. All points are easily accessible on the island because of its size and lack of mountain ranges dominating the landscape.

The people are friendly and hospitable. We genuinely care about each other in this country. We have raised funds for person in need of medical atttention in a matter of hours.

Our economy may not be as strong as it used to be but we are still doing better than most of our caribbean neighbours. Anyone who says they don’t have a job really doesn’t want to work. Look at so many foreigners who come here and start at enry level positions, work hard and achieve their goals.

So before we get to pesimistic about our Island lets look at the positve aspects of our beautiful country.


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  1. i must surely agree with you on this research. Antigua is a very beautiful island and not much of us realizes it until we ourselves venture and discover sites that we thought didn’t exist here.the people are friendly(for the first few encounter).genuinely care for each other – i don’t think so. in this diplomatic society that we live in, its all about oneself, loving oneself,caring for oneself,the pursuant of getting at the top no matter who and what it takes to get there.achieve that goal is right, Ive witnessed it many times myself. climb that cooperate ladder like how they climbs everyone else to get there. we can look at the beautiful country on the positive side of things when we clean this country

    Comment by Ninette | January 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. Well at the end of the day human beings are selfish creatures. Adam and Eve had everything they needed and took something that they wanted even though they knew it was wrong. We could work on those negative aspects of our society but i guess it starts from the home,then it can spread out into the community. We need to love one another.

    Comment by kagedbird | January 25, 2009 | Reply

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