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Gadgets and Toys for the Young Professional

You are a young professional and you need that image to reflect your status. You will have to dress, live, drive and talk your way to the perfect executive look. Here are the toys that will help you to achieve this:-


Drive your way to it

SUV’s are still in. Don’t bother with CNN and all of the tree hugging, whale saving, green people of the world. There is no better feeling than beiong in command of the road at 3ft above all other lowly people movers, saloons and station wagons.

Some recommended choices would be the Land Rover Range Rover. Try to get one with a supercharger and 400 bHP. That will set you back $105,000.

Other recommended choices would be the BMW X5 and Merc’s ML. The Cadillac Escalade is irrelevant unless you are a Hip Hop executive or a Chop Shop owner.

Talk is not cheap

You are not a teenager so a Smart Phone is now standard issue. They are a must for internet, email and voice communication. Remember after all you are on the go. The Blackberry is still the benchmark for serious professionals unless you need to download iTunes on your iPhone while Bob gets the account which you should have had if you were more focused.


The conservative look always works but be practical. What ever you wear must fit n to the local culture and practices. It makes no sense to walk around in a business suit in a Tropical climate. Shoes must always look like they just came out of the box. A person shoes says a lot about them. make sure that they are cleaned and polished at all times.

Live it

Your home is your castle. Spend most of your resources here. Your entertainment areas need to be adequate to host those important friends and clients. Keep colour schemes tasteful-its not a home makeover show on BBC America. Swimming Pools are always a bonus.

Follow all of the above tips but be flexible. You must be able to adapt to your local circumtances. If a 4Runner is considered a Range Rover where you are then run with it. Bottom line your image must reflect that you are a young professional.


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