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Stealing still continues

The following article is from the February 4th edition of the sun. I am using this to provide some perspective to my series of articles on hotel workers.

A Barnes Hill youth placed on probation for larceny Wednesday February 04 2009 A 20-year-old youth, after pleading guilty to larceny in court, was placed on nine months probation to be of good behaviour. Clarence George of Barnes Hill appeared before Chief Magistrate Ivan Walters in the St. John’s Magistrates Court. The court heard that on 7 Jan., at about 12:41 p.m., the complainant, Daniel O’Donnel, a United States (US) national secured his room leaving his Blackberry Pearl phone behind on charge. O’Donnel was on vacation in Antigua and was staying at Sandals Resort and Spa at Dickenson Bay in room #7106. George was an employee at the resort attached to the Housekeeping Department. O’Donnel returned to his room at about 4:55 p.m. and discovered that his phone which is valued at US$450 ($1,224) was missing. He reported the matter to the front desk receptionist, who in turn made a report to the Security Department. On 8 Jan., the Chief Security Officer Patmore Martin contacted the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about the incident. Officers left for duty at the resort where they made enquiries. They interviewed the complainant, who showed them where the phone was left plugged in. Based on information the police received from the chief security officer ,they took George into custody. The police told George of the report and he admitted to them that he stole the phone. He said he took the phone to a Barnes Hill man for the device to be unlocked. The phone was later retrieved and George was arrested and charged. “I took up the phone from room 7106 and gave it to Richard to unlock for me.” Monique Francis-Gordon, who represented George, told the court that the young man obtained employment at the resort two months ago. Francis-Gordon said the youth was fired immediately, and begged the court not to further penalise him. “What he did was unquestionably wrong. He has also suffered because he was dismissed instantly.” The attorney said George has put his chances of getting other job offers in jeopardy. During the probation period, George will be under the supervision of a probation officer.

Stealing continues to be a major problem in the industry. I will not be europhic and say that we need to and we must and we should. It has been a reality of life. The most that can be done is to set up measures to reduce the amount of larceny and to catch and deal with the offenders.

Hotels believe that intrusive searches on people’s bags and in their vehicles work. Obviously this Barnes hill youth has proved otherwise. He removed a blackberry phone which is a substatialy sized smart phone device from a room and was able to evade security at the gate. It took old fashioned investigation and the intervention of the police and court system to resolve this case. Bag checks and trunk checks do not work. Hoteliers be more proactive and just in your approach. Workers like this Barnes Hill youthcan ruin your business.


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  1. Why can we not be better?
    An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all.

    Comment by shawubble | February 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. This is the kind of foolishness that hurts the industry. People go after the crumbs and end up damaging our good image. He had a job which paid his bills etc but he lost it because he wanted a free blackberry phone. Don’t steal, don’t steal, don’t steal. That won’t work so let us set up ways to reduce these occurrences and deal with offenders when caught. The broad brush approach is not working. Find and go after the culprits.

    Comment by kagedbird | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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