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The authorities in Antigua and Barbuda have failed to handle the H1N1 pandemic in a serious way. As a result nobody really knows the true extent of cases here in Antigua.

Recently a team returned from Trinidad and Tobago and it was discovered that the nephew of one of the athletes became infected with the virus. The Ministry of Education refused to name the school or immediately shut down the school. As a result of this lack of information, other children who may have come into contact with the child may not be aware that they may have contracted the virus. Their parents could well have caught this virus from their children and then passed it on to other persons in society.

The authorities at the V.C. Bird International were never dealt with this situation proactively. Instead they waited until after a case was reported in Antigua to implement procedures which on paper were already in effect.

It seems as though the Authorities are gambling on the fact that the fatality rate is significantly lower than first anticipated. They must however remember that nobody knows what this virus can evolve into. We need to take more precautions and continue to educate the population on the spread of this virus.


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  1. damn…

    Comment by Raptus | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. Please, help push back against the ginned up terror of H1N1. This ludicrous approach to what is simply an off season influenza, novel though it may be, does not deserve the ridiculous amount of time spent trying to scare people.
    It is simply wrong, morally wrong, to assert, as you have, ‘nobody knows what it may evolve into’. As this is the case with *every* virus on the planet, should we spend our time hiding from contact with every other living creature around us.
    Look at real figures for regular influenza, here in the United States, and then judge, for yourself, exactly how concerned you ought to be about this outbreak.
    The US has just topped 556 deaths in the *5 months* since the scare tactics began. In a ‘normal’ flu season, approx 23,000 people *a day* check into hospitals with flu symptoms and complications. More than 800 people *die* each day during a ‘normal’ flu season, but we do not expect the authorities to close schools or quarantine towns.
    Work to be a voice of reason amid the silliness. Deal with this very mild form of influenza as you would any other communicable illness. Be kind to others and don’t spread it. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. But, above all, relax and get sufficient rest until it goes away. More than this, help your fellow humans to destress about a nonexistent terror in a world with *real* problems to worry about.

    Comment by clandaddy | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. Every virus in the planet does NOT have the capacity to become a pandemic. This difference set the H1N1 virus aside from other virus or even influenza viruses. Even if all those statistics you rattled out above are correct for a regular flu season the number of deaths for a pandemic virus would supersede those in a higher degree. Awareness and education must never be confused with *scare tactics*.

    I quote “The US has just topped 556 deaths in the *5 months* since the scare tactics began” When did these deaths occur? Did they occur during the flu season ..Was it beginning to get cold …or you just forget that the flu season is presently now approaching the US ?

    Comment by Jaded | September 7, 2009 | Reply

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