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Pregnant women should be respected and treated decently


Pregnant women deserve all the care and attention necessary for them to successfully deliver a new life into the world. However the way women are treated in Antigua leaves much to be desired.

Private Gynecologists sometimes deal with patients like if they are handing cattle. They  are often unprofessional and do not observe common standards such as having a nurse present during examinations. Women must be aware that this should be done both to protect the woman patient as well as the doctor (especially if he is a male). Do not allow a Doctor to examine you unless the nurse is present. You should also walk with a family member or partner to the examination. They do not entertain questions and educate their patients well enough on what they are going through in the pregnancy. Instead they are preoccupied in collecting their doctor’s fees.

We must admit that Hoberton Hospital was more like Hellberton Hospital. Patients were treated in an inhumane manner mainly because of the lack of proper facilities. Pregnant women were not spared from these horrible conditions. Nurses did not respond immediately to the needs of these women. Young mothers who had just completed delivery by surgery were not allowed to have relatives assist them with the new born babies. This would not be so bad if the nurses were not watching the young and the restless as the mother called for assistance.

The bath and toilet facilities were delapedated and unsanitary. Beds were uncomfortable and privacy did not exist.

The new Mount St. John Medical Centre is a new facilty and much of the above infrastrucute issues have been resolved. Hopefully the human side has also been improved.

We need to improve our pre and anit natal care in Antigua. Our pregnant women are going thorugh a very important time in their lives and need all of our support in this important time.


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  1. I totally agree with this, Also i would like to add that business places especially banks and places that people go to pay bills should have a special line for pregnant women and women with small babies. Its not easy being big pregnant with swollen feet standing up in a long line and its not easy having holding a baby in a long line after a while the child becomes restless.

    Also my experience at holberton left also to be desired, I was sent there on bed rest because my blood pressure was elevated and I was supposed to be monitored every 4 hours.
    This is what happened:
    I was monitored 3 times in 2 days ans my blood pressure had not improved.
    I did not get one minute of sleep as the lights were on 24/7.

    In the day ramdom people were walking through the ward selling this and that.

    People were there screaming in my ears from being indused into labour.

    New born babies were screaming in my ears

    A nurse was screaming at one of the ladies in labour telling her that she was not the only person that has been in labour so she should shut her mouth.

    From my observations the problems that the nurses were were faced with was that they were short staffed and some were working double shifts so they got tired and miserable.I am not saying this to excuse them but that was my observation.

    I thank God, Adeline Medical Clinic and my supportive Family and friends for my healthy baby girl.

    Comment by LLC | June 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. I agree that pregnant women and women with young children should be given priority in public places, buses and restaurants. This can be promoted through public education and signage. Society will then become aware that they need to give them priority.

    The nurses at Holberton used to work 12 hour shifts but they were the same nurses who gave professional service at Adeline. Their rude manner at Holberton came from the poor remuneration that they received there. They should have remembered though that they were health care providers and that care was their primary function. Sometimes there were instances when the ward was overcrowded with nurses inside their office watching Television. When the patients requested assistance then they give them a bad attitude. (possibly because they were tired because of the extra work that they did at Adeline). There are professional nurses though who must be commended.The nurses need to continue to fight for better compensation but never treat patients like animals.

    Comment by kagedbird | June 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. As times changes do people evidently. I was pregnant a few years ago and people were always so helpful and kind.They let me sit, they would offer to pay my bill so that I would not have to stand and I even remember a person thought I needed help crossing the street and held my hand. I agree that people just aren’t as trusting as they used to be. Even then the hospital nurses were quite kind and helpful. I actually was quite comfortable at the hospital except for the bathrooms.

    Comment by shawubble | June 26, 2009 | Reply

  4. Experiences tend to vary and it is good that your experience of the hospital and society was pleasant. Wen need to work maintain/improve these standards though.

    Comment by kagedbird | June 26, 2009 | Reply

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