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Air Traffic Controllers should be paid in line with Pilots

controltower01hcbaa_530x7952According to the International Labour Organization(ILO), of which Antigua and Barbuda is a signatory, Air Traffic Controllers, Ships’ Deck officers and Pilots and Aircraft pilots should be considered associated professions. The International Federation of Air Traffic Control Officers Association(IFATCA), states that Air Traffic Controllers should be paid in line with the above mentioned associated professions.

Countries such as the UK, USA and Canada have already implemented these recommendations. Canadian controllers are paid inline with pilots of similar years of experience. US controllers are paid about 80% of what US pilots with similar years of experience are paid. UK controllers are paid at the same rate that UK pilots make for controllers and pilots with 19 years or less of experience. However for controllers with 20 years or more of experience they are paid at 65% of what UK pilots with 20 years or more experience make. This may be because it is not normal for UK controllers to remain in active service beyond 20 years. Early retirement, which is offered in their contracts, is often opted for because of the stressful nature of their profession.


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Tips for planning your Holiday

sandalsCaribbean people do not normaly travel to a foreign destination in order to spend their vacation in a Hotel or Resort. This is because the average earnings here are significantly lower than in North America and Europe. Thus we have less disposable income. The following advice will demonstrate that your holiday may not be as expensive as you first thought.

1. Do the research. Check websites and brochures for hotels in the region and internationally. Look at national tourism websites such as:




2. When booking at a regional hotel never ask “what is the rate?”. Always specify that you want the Caricom rate. This is significantly lower than the standard rate. It is not normally advertised so that the Hoteliers can get maximum profit from their guests.

3. If  Travelling in the Caribbean try to do so in the off season which is normally the summer months. Hotels occupancy is lower then and rates tend to be cheaper.

4. Check locally for hotel deals. Many hotels offer discounted rates for nationals of the country where they are based. Always specify that you want the discount.

A vacation can really add to your quality of life. It allows you to relax while others take care of your needs. This gives you time to reflect and prepare for work again.

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Trinidad is a place that you should visit. It has natural beauty, different cultures, music and Carnival. My first Carnival was 2002 and it is an experience that I will never forget.

It was jouvert morning in Woodbrook. The steel band was belting out the big Andre Tanker hit “Ben Lion”. It is quite a beautiful song that sounds even better on pan. We moved along with the crowd all the way up to Frederick St. danccing to Gimme me bly, Trinidad and Coal Pot among other popular tunes.

The powder paint and blue devils were a totally new experience for me. The blue devils infact are really creepy in the jouvert morning sunrise.

I have returned to Carnival on 4 occasions but none have been better than my first.

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How to get cheap tickets


You see Orbitz and similar websites offering cheap airfare. These tools are more readily available to North American users. How then can we get reduced airfare in the Caribbean?

1. Purchase your ticket well in advance of your travel date. Airlines sell their seats at different rates. It is possible that you may be flying economy and the passenger next to you paid a different rate.

2. Purchase tickets online. These tickets are subject to higher discounts than tickets purchased from a call center or travel agent.

3. NEVER by a ticket from a travel agent. You can do it yourself or get a relative or friend to do it for you if you are not computer literate.

This information isn’t really publicised because the airlines and travel agents want to make as much profit from the sale of tickets as possible. Follow these tips and travel costs will be significatly reduced. Thus, you will have more spending money when you get to your destination.

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Just Memories now

Just Memories now

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